360° Church Engagement Evaluation

What’s Your Biggest Growth Barrier?

Growing your church means engaging people.

Discover where your church is strong and where to focus your attention.

The 360° Church Engagement Evaluation


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Gain Clarity & Take Action

The 360° Church Engagement Evaluation gives you an objective look at your church that highlights where you need to focus.

In two zoom meetings (4 hours total), we will evaluate your church based on 30 unique metrics, pointing out strengths, opportunity areas, and potential red flags that could spell out larger problems down the road.

As busy leaders who are pulled in every direction, it’s easy to develop “insider” blind spots to areas that need attention.


From the 360° Church Engagement Evaluation, you will:

  • Receive an honest assessment in all areas of engagement and growth.
  • Discover new opportunities for improvement.
  • Draw from our 20+ years of church engagement experience.
  • Gain a punch list of priorities.
  • Set clear objectives to improve engagement and growth.
  • Propel strategic planning with the 12-page 360° Engagement Report.



It helped me accomplish in two sessions what I’ve attempted to accomplish for more than 5 years.

Stephen Brown
Senior Pastor
Greater Bethlehem Baptist Church



Get an outside perspective that will unlock opportunities for your church.

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Jump-start Your Church Growth

Evaluation Call

2.5-hr meeting with up to 6 people from your senior leadership team

We Dive In

Our team analyzes 30 key metrics from an outsider's perspective

Findings Call

1.5-hr meeting to discuss results and determine priorities

Get Results

Act on priorities and recommendations

360° Church Engagement Evaluation

Get the insight, focus, and confidence to boost your engagement and grow your church.

starting at

*Pricing based on church size and number of campuses.

  • 2.5-hour Evaluation Call to dive into your church with up to 6 people from your senior leadership team
  • 1.5-hour Results Call to discuss findings and determine priorities
  • 12-page 360° Engagement Report to cut through the fog and skip the trial and error
  • 20+ years of church engagement experience to jump-start your growth

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Imagine what you could accomplish by putting this tool to work for your church.

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We now have greater clarity on who we are, why we exist, and how we can inspire others.

Heath Krueger
Lead Pastor
Spring Branch Community Church



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