• Logo and Identity Design
  • Print and Web Design
  • Environmental Graphics & Signage
  • Name and Slogan Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Design Implementation
  • Virtual Creative Department
  • Promotional Materials
  • Advertising
  • Photography

What is Branding?

First off, what is a brand? It's the essence of an organization, boiled down to a feeling. It's the sense of an organization's values encapsulated in a word picture. What do you think of when someone says, 'Volvo," "Mercedes," "Ford," "John Deere," "Sears," "Apple," "Starbucks," "Wal-mart," "Target," or "Louis Vuitton"? If you are familiar, even casually, with any of these brands the mention of their name will evoke in your mind an immediate sense of who they are.

So what is branding? Well, it is, in part, about communication, but your communication can never outrun who you really are. Smart brands know who they are and bring everything they do into alignment with their brand and the innate values it represents. Great branding is a rallying cry to those already involved and a promise delivered to those you attract.

How we approach branding...

We start with you. You'll be amazed at who you really are. Our process of brand shaping will create in you a sense of clarity as to your unique DNA, your gifting, your calling and how it all relates to your target audience. Once we reach the 'aha!' moment, where the hidden brand is revealed, we'll work with your team to align everything you do with that promise. Interiors, environments, architecture, signage, web presence, ministry flow, naming, design, creative and beyond. When each is forged in alignment with your strategic brand, everything gets simpler and everything you do is all the more you.

The difference strategic branding has made...

We've seen visitors attend churches because of how the logo made them feel and businesses add millions to their value as a result of an impression grasped from a single brochure. We've experienced churches where regulars invite friends after keeping the place to themselves for 10 years—all because they begin to feel the momentum of the brand coming together. When a brand comes together, it's a beautiful thing.

What effect does the right branding have?

When you add an attractive brand to a well-connecting organization, it increases pride and belonging, creating deeper ties and increasing participants confidence in sharing it with others.