Catalina Church


"Artistry's brand process helped us implement and deliver a communication strategy that has created tremendous momentum for our church. I heard two comments repeatedly at our new campus launch: First, the 'feel' and 'look' of the entire campus, inside and out, exactly conveys the heart and message of Catalina Church. Second, every single detail was taken care of; every sign was perfectly worded and perfectly placed. Thank you, Artistry!"

Ted Soderholm | Senior Pastor


  • Consulting
    • Connectivity
    • Branding
    • Promotion
    • New Campus Planning
  • Design
    • Website Design
    • Brand Makeover
      • Logo Design
      • Print ID Design
  • Signage and Environments
      • Wayfinding Master-Planning
        • Signage Design
          • Environmental Design

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        Catalina Church is about simplifying the busyness of life with the simple truths of Christ. This is seen most clearly in the church's desire to develop healthy, honest relationships with each other and the Creator of the universe.

        Artistry Labs came alongside Catalina Church and took them through our revolutionary Connectivity, Branding and Promotional consulting process—culminating in the creation of a strategic brand. From website to signage, every marketing effort is now synonymous with the heart and message of a church seeking to connect people to their Savior.

        In addition, Artistry recently assisted Catalina in the planning and preparation for a new campus launch complete with brand new signage and environmental design. From furniture selection and paint color to custom wall murals and a monument sign, Artistry brought expertise and insight, resulting in a campus that exudes Catalina Church's personality and provides a safe, fun and exciting place for people to meet God.