“Artistry has it all. As a small business owner and operator in the real estate world, I was in need of bringing my new website forward with our new announcements and developments. I was blown away not only with the seamless approach they have from concept and creative to delivery, but also how they worked with me to form an extension of my old brand. They integrated my message simply and elegantly, and had the site delivered promptly. Several times they were waiting on my deliverables, and were outpacing my requests! Artistry’s trademarked Perpetua is incredibly cool – as the end user, I can update the website in message, content, even layout  - all internally, without having a stitch of code written. Flexible, with rapid response. What a great company with great solutions.”

Zad Roumaya | Founder


  • Design
    • Logo Design
    • Website Design
    • Mobile Website
    • Signage

  • Technology
    • Perpetua CMS

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Real Estate Development guru, Zad Roumaya, is systematically renewing Dallas' Urban Core. With a passion for green living and transforming previously abandoned or rundown environments into unique, cutting edge live/work spaces, Mr. Roumaya's company, Buzzworks is on the forefront of a green revitalization of the downtown area. Artistry Labs has seen this firsthand, having occupied and enjoyed one of Buzzworks' first spaces for several years.

Artistry came alongside Buzzworks to create a brand that communicates the company's passion for renewal as well as the abounding opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Rich photography is the focal point of the site, including before and after photos, and up-to-date information and images of upcoming projects. Ultimately, the vision of Buzzworks is to create terrific living, working and hybrid (live/work) spaces that perpetually meet the needs of residents and businesses alike.