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Whether it's been designed deliberately or not, your website is a virtual bridge to those you seek to reach—paved with your values demonstrated in content and style. As a matter of fact, over 80% of the time, your website is the key deciding factor in whether or not they ever walk through your real front door. They will compare your bridge with other alternatives and show up on the doorstep of the one that speaks their language the best.

It's not just about you—it's also about them. A great website not only conveys your story—it bridges who you are to those you are trying to reach—indicating to them that you "get" them, and that you have what they are looking for.

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How We Do Websites...

Our web team will listen to the vision and goals of your organization that go beyond your website. We will study your target audience and begin honing in on the keys that connect your values to theirs.

With the big picture in mind, we  develop a web strategy that brings you closer to a fulfilled visionattracting the outsider, onboarding the newbie and deepening the connection and sense of belonging with those who are already committed. All in all, the process will take your organization and your website to the next level.

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What Sets Us Apart...

Like any good design firm, we are driven to tell your story. What sets us apart is our ability to get into the minds of those you are trying to reach. We aren't just story tellers—we're master bridge builders.

Our strategic consultative approach to web building is the foundation for smart brand building—we dive deep into your story and connect the dots between you and your audience—helping you strike a chord that creates results. 

Beyond just an attractive website, we provide the tools to manage and evolve your site over time. From storefronts, to online donations, from media streaming to social media integration, we make your website a powerful asset to your ability to connect with people.

The power behind our design is Perpetua® CMS technology, which gives you the freedom and the tools to easily edit and manage your website with the click of a mouse.









Who We Do Websites For...

We do websites for smart organizations: churches, ministries and businesses that value strategy over salesmanship.

If you...

  • want a website that creates a bridge to those you want to reach,
  • understand the potential of smart branding,
  • want to take your website to the next level,
  • are looking for web tools that put you in the driver's seat,
  • value working with a firm that has proven the test of time and has a year to year client retention rate of over 94%,

...then let's start a conversation.

We build our best sites in relationship—helping you manage your brand and web presence over time.

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"Artistry helped to transform the impact of our ministry with the website they designed. I appreciate that they took the time to understand us. In one glance,people can look at this design and understand who we are and who we are specifically targeting as an organization. The technology behind the website makes it even more fabulous. We have a completely flexible and self-managed site that allows for hassle-free updating. This helps us to remain current and relevant to an audience that expects the very best. Artistry delivered 110%!"

Stephanie Giddens | Program Director, Polish Ministries


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