(OLD) Name Change: Artistry Marketing to Artistry Labs

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Marketing Can't Contain Us


At Artistry Marketing, we have always preached that marketing was a giant umbrella. It contains concepts like market research, buyer behavior (understanding the people you are trying to reach), branding, communication, web, print, packaging, promotion and public relations. Marketing is big—just not big enough.

Twelve years ago our organizational impact was limited to the attractiveness of a website or response to a campaign. Today our impact is seeing consulting clients navigate from a church in decline to a church doubling each year—exploding with growth and changed lives. Today we are seeing our corporate clients optimize their structure and communications in ways that produce sustainable health. As strategic consulting has become more and more the backbone of our organization, we have devoted more and more of our efforts towards creating health in the local church, in ministries and beyond.

Marketing is still just as big to us, it's just that we've simply gone beyond it.

Today, we've added to the conversation such things as organizational health, optimized assimilation, process and systems development, team building and change management—services that have become weapons in our arsenal to improve our clients' effectiveness. To many of our clients, this might seem out of left field, but those who have worked with us in consulting over the last two years probably sensed we were headed here.

We are the firm that comes in and helps you understand who you are better than ever before—gives you more insight into your target audience than you have ever had—helps you define the vision clearer than you have ever seen it—builds the strategy to accomplishing that vision—then walks with you over time to bring that vision to fulfillment. We do more than consult. We deliver strategic transformation. We tackle the critical projects that the "tyranny of the urgent" has kept you from. We do the heavy lifting and carry you past your staff limitations. We get in deep enough to have your heart and fight for it all to be right.

What does all this mean? It means that we are not the firm today that we were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, or in many ways, 2 years ago. Our relationships are deeper, longer and wider and our effectiveness considerably higher.

Sometimes in life, we make a few tweaks in how we do things, and sometimes we come to stages where we are truly altogether different.

From this point forward, we are Artistry Labs. Unlike "Marketing", which defines what we do, "Labs" defines more of who we are and how we work. It reveals our analytical ways, our methodology for developing insights through the study of patterns, and our willingness to hypothesize, test and tweak. Within our "Labs", we are researching, analyzing, shaping, experimenting and discovering beautiful things—using innovative wisdom with spiritual sensitivity.

We are providing consulting services that go below the surface to the very core of who you are. We are testing and improving design to the point that it kindles momentum for our clients. We are mad scientists creating technology solutions like you have never seen. In it all, we are seeing new levels of impact for our clients—in relationship.

We value those clients that have honored us by allowing us to do projects for them—to design brands and build websites for them. To many of you, we have only been that firm—"the web guys" or "the designers". We hope you will explore all that we are and are becoming.

Marketing just couldn't contain us. Strategic transformation starts with Artistry Labs.


Richard L Reising
President, Artistry Labs (Formerly Artistry Marketing)

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