Catalina Church

Tucson, AZ

"Artistry's brand process helped us implement and deliver a communication strategy that has created tremendous momentum for our church. I heard two comments repeatedly at our new campus launch: First, the 'feel' and 'look' of the entire campus, inside and out, exactly conveys the heart and message of Catalina Church. Second, every single detail was taken care of; every sign was perfectly worded and perfectly placed. Thank you, Artistry!"

Ted Soderholm | Senior Pastor

What We Did

Engagement Analysis
- Community, Market, and Ministry
Calling Clarification
- Mission, Vision, and Values
Assimilation Path Optimization
Masterplanning & Change Management
New Campus Planning

Website Design
Brand Makeover
Logo Design
Print ID Design
Kid's Sub Branding

Wayfinding Master-Planning
Signage Design
Environmental Design

Perpetua CMS
Perpetua Media Player



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