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"Artistry Labs has been a great partner for Ministry Advantage. We searched for a long time to find an organization who had an intimate understanding of church and christian ministry. We were also searching for partner that had a good understanding of sound business practices. This healthy balance is very difficult to find but Artistry Labs possess the best of both. We have enjoyed a close working relationship in which Artistry Labs customized and designed some unique functionality into our website. We coach and consult pastors and churches all over the world and we needed a smart, current, responsive, creative ministry partner like Artistry Labs to help us achieve our mission. We found them, and we highly recommend Artistry Labs."

Russ Olmon | President


  • Design
    • Website Design
    • Brand Makeover
      • Logo Design
  • Technology
    • Perpetua CMS
    • Custom Application Development

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Ministry Advantage has found their niche—bringing a wealth of experience and coaching know-how to their unique pastor coaching platform. From their own successful experiences in leading churches and businesses, co-founders Russ Olmon and Lonnie Gienger built a ministry platform that enables experienced and successful pastors to coach other pastors—providing the insight, guidance and accountability that leads to effective church and personal growth. This systematic approach to coaching is strategically designed to cover multiple areas of ministry and strategically implemented by each coach.

Ministry Advantage called on Artistry to create a website that communicates the essence of its passion for pastors and its focus on leading pastors and ministry leaders with innovative strategy and highly qualified coaches. Custom applications allow for increased communication and resource sharing among coaches and coachees. Client testimonials and clear objectives give site visitors an immediate vision for the specific work and impact that is uniquely Ministry Advantage.