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Smart Business 


  1. Engagement
    Reach people where they are at, and passing the test of reaching them, and winning them over.
  2. Branding 
    Understand your ethos, and communicate in a way that reaches your target. 
  3. Promotion 
    Owning your engagement and branding, and letting the world in to experience that. 

Every church is perfectly calibrated to the results they are currently experiencing. 

Become Self-Aware

See yourself with fresh eyes. Gain a new perspective on how you

operate, digging into the roots of your current outcomes.

Eliminate Road Blocks

Find alignment and focus in every area of your ministry execution. Seeing every touch point between you and your community—enabling you to remove any hindrances that could effect your ministry.

Simplify Moving Forward

Experience complete focus as a leadership team as you rally around a clear vision. This clarity means your distractions are easily eliminated and decisions are made simply.

Drive sustainable growth

Calibrate your ministry execution alongside mastering your unique dynamics in order to produce organic growth as your congregation advocates for you—ultimately unlocking the power of the personal invite. (fix)

Cast Fresh Vision

Be fully aligned around a picture of what it looks like to execute in a visionary way, putting words and imagery to vision will help to clarify purpose and will align your people, processes, communication, and execution.

Confidence in your future

Find solutions to complex problems at their root—from there we clarify purpose and set forth an actionable vision that creates confidence in your congregation as they invest in the future of the church




How you win over the crowd

  • Conversion
  • Visitor Retention
  • Assimilation
  • Advocacy



How you convey your essence

  • Culture
  • Identity/Web/Print/Social
  • Environments
  • Design/Communications



How you attract outsiders

  • Advertising
  • Online Marketing/Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations

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