Prepare for your Next Level of Impact


What it looks like

Collaborate with your key leaders and the Artistry Labs Consulting Team using a framework we've developed through over 25 years of strategic ministry partnerships.

In Just Three Weeks...

  • Understand roots of current results
  • Glean from over 25 years of strategic ministry insight
  • Unite your team around where you stand
  • Prioritize future initiatives that create momentum
  • Move forward as a team with unity and directional confidence 

Week 1

Artistry Labs Pre-meeting Evaluation

Our team of strategists performs an evaluation and pre-scores you in up to 46 areas affecting your engagement. These areas cover your... Calling, Connectivity, Brand, and Promotion as defined in the Anatomy of Engagement Video above.

Week 2

Meeting 1: The Collaborative Evaluation

In a 3 hour meeting with your key leaders, we guide discussion and group scoring of these areas—allowing you to take ownership of where you stand in terms of strengths, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

Week 3

Meeting 2: The Strategic Action Plan

In a 2 hour follow-up meeting with your key leaders, we summarize the current state and present a custom tailored roadmap for optimizing momentum, paced to match your specific dynamics. You walk away with a Strategic Action Plan to use as a guide for next level growth along with a potential partner to assist you in that future.

Reach Your God-given Potential

The 360° Health Check is the first step towards developing a mission-critical, multi-faceted strategy for your church's future.

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The assistance Artistry Labs provided to our Texas Baptist conventions was most valuable. Their work was excellent, probably because the people are as well.

Profile picture of David Hardage

David Hardage
Executive Director

The 360° Health Check was the single most significant process that our church has undergone in years. It renewed our hope in our future. I’m encouraged to continue.

Profile picture of Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown
Senior Pastor

Artistry Labs is outstanding in quickly and deeply understanding church culture and in leading a team into their God given purpose and calling.

Profile picture of Björn Schäfer

Björn Schäfer
Senior Pastor