Preparing Your Team for the Brand Makeover Process


Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity to serve you. We are thrilled that your church has chosen to participate in our Brand Makeover process, and we are excited to be a part of your church’s journey toward deeper strategy. We believe that this process will be a milestone for your church, aiding you in a clearer understanding of the mindsets and needs within your immediate community, and the tools to build your brand upon strategic connectivity.

Our goal is for your team to come away from our meetings with a crystal clear understanding of your target audience and the steps that need to be taken to better connect with them. We have therefore outlined various ways for your team to prepare for our upcoming meetings in an effort to maximize the impact of this process.

Selecting your team

The Brand Makeover process is a highly strategic process. It is our goal to leave your team on the same page, ready to advance your church and move forward together in effective branding and communication; therefore it is critical that the 'right team' is in the meetings. For optimal meeting efficiency, we recommend that there are between 6-10 people in our strategy session and follow up meetings, and we categorize the people who should be in the meeting as "stakeholders." By that, we mean that these are the people who are key to decisions being made as a church, and will play a key role in implementing the resulting strategy. Below is an example list of attendees:

1. Senior Pastor
2. Executive pastor
3. Operations pastor
4. Young adults pastor
5. Worship pastor
6. Connect/Family pastor
7. Communications director
8. Staff or lay creative
9. Elder/Deacon/Lay Leader (>50)
10. Influencer/Savvy Lay person (<40)

The idea is that to produce the greatest results in the meeting we need people to be able to speak from different perspectives and to be representative of different groups within the church.

This process is just that—a process. It will not be a presentation made by our team, but instead will be an exploration that we sort through together. Because of the nature of the meetings in which this exploration takes place, we ask that participants commit to the whole meeting time. 

Preparing for the meeting

Once you have selected your team, it may prove helpful for your team to read Church Marketing 101: Preparing Your Church for Greater Growth, by our company president and cheif strategist, Richard Reising. Reading this book as a team will help everyone begin thinking strategically and get to know how Artistry Labs ticks. We will provide you copies of the book upon request, or you can order via the link below.

 Order the Book Online

Meeting topics

As well, we ask that your team come to the Brand Strategy Session prepared to discuss the following topics:

  1. Your church mission (what you are called to do as a church)
  2. Your church vision
  3. The history of your church
  4. The pillars of your church
  5. Your goals for the future (short-term and long-term)

What the Artistry team will be doing to prepare

During this preparation time before our strategy session, our team will be gathering extensive demographic information about your community and church. We will then work to analyze that data. We will then use the demographic data to formulate psychographic analyses and identify various individual mindsets that exist within your community.

Using the mindsets, backgrounds, and felt needs that we discover in your community, we will formulate a case related to your current community position as well as current community perception— helping us to best build right strategy for moving forward.

What you can do to help us prepare

It will help us greatly if you will provide us with the following items:

1. All names and titles of the members of your team that will be attending the meeting
2. Signed nondisclosures (confidentiality agreements) from every member of your team
3. An excel spreadsheet of church membership in the form of:

  • Column A: Name
  • Column B: Street Address
  • Column C: City
  • Column E: Zip Code
  • Column F: Email Address

(We will not attempt to contact anyone on this list—it is purely for research purposes.)

4. Directions to the room where our meetings will take place. This room should be quiet, either inside or outside the church where there will be no distractions.
5. Prepare the meeting room. Please make sure the following is also available inside the meeting room (please utilize our room diagram):

  • A dry-erase board, the larger the better
  • Tables placed in a U-shape for ease of conversation
  • Snacks and drinks


In our strategy sessions, we may cover confidential or sensitive topics. We want you to feel comfortable sharing everything with us, as the more information you share, the clearer the picture we will have of how to move forward. We want you to know that we are committed to discretion and sensitivity. In the same way you will be sharing information with us, we will also be disclosing some unique methods, analytical tools, and illustrations to help you see the picture clearly. Because of the nature of the relationship we are entering into, we ask that you do the same, and make a commitment to keep our methodology and tools confidential. We will provide a booklet for notes as well as documents that enumerate the information discussed and any decisions made. Our team has signed a Mutual Nondisclosure, committing to the utmost confidentiality when dealing with the information you share with us. We will need a signed copy of this form from each of your team members that will be participating in the meetings faxed or emailed to our offices prior to our meeting.

Click here to download the joint confidentiality agreement.

Prep Questionnaire

To be filled out by 1-2 senior staff leaders at your church. Thanks in advance!

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