Thank you so much for allowing us this opportunity to serve you. We are honored that your ministry has chosen to participate in our partnership services and are excited to be a part of your journey. This highly intensive process will be a milestone for you, aiding you in the crystallization of your vision, the clearer understanding of the mindsets and needs within your market, and the tools to enhance strategic connectivity and communication.

Our goal is for your team to come away from our meetings with a crystal clear understanding of your vision and what it looks like in clear terms when you are living it out... including target audiences, messaging, and the steps that need to be taken to strategically plan for the future. We have therefore outlined various ways for your team to prepare for our upcoming meetings in an effort to maximize the impact of this process.


Selecting your team

Consulting is an involved and highly intensive process. It is our goal to leave your team on the same page, ready to advance your ministry and move forward together; therefore it is critical that key players involved in the understanding and implementation of your vision be involved in the meetings. However, for optimal meeting efficiency, we generally recommend that there are between 6-8 people from your team/staff/ministry advisors, and we categorize the people who should be in the meeting as "stakeholders." By that, we mean that these are the people whose voice matters significantly, carries unique weight, or plays a key role in implementing those changes.

Different perspectives are also very valuable. Between your team and ours, the goal will be to have a good mixture in terms of both age and gender. We need people to be able to speak from different points of view and to be representative of different groups related to your ministry.

This consulting process is just that—a process. It will not be a presentation made by our team, but instead will be an exploration that we sort through together. It is typical for our meetings to be scheduled to last 8 or 9 hours per day. Because of the nature of the meetings in which this exploration takes place, we ask that participants commit to the whole meeting time as missing any portion of the process can cause significant delays in moving forward. 


What you can do to help us prepare

In general, it is not necessary to provide us with detailed information prior to the team’s arrival. The more we learn by market research and “experiencing” your ministry, the more insight we can provide. However, in order for us to prepare for our meetings with your team and complete our research process as thoroughly as possible, it will help us greatly if you will provide us with the following items:

  1. Define the Team. Collaborate with Artistry Labs to define the team providing names and titles of the members that will be attending the meeting.
  2. Invite the Team. Communicate with the chosen team regarding the schedule, timing, and attendance requirements, as well as to cast vision about the goals of this process.
  3. NDA. Gather signed nondisclosures (confidentiality agreements) from every member of your team.
  4. Culture Index Assessment. Send this link to all every member of your team to have completed prior to our first meeting: culture index assessment
  5. Marketing Materials and Communications Examples. Please send recent print/promotional materials as well as communication examples (emails, books, resources, client correspondence, etc) you have used. This can be sent digitally or mailed to our office.
  6. Existing Digital Marketing Data. (web stats, social media engagement stats, and email stats) 
  7. Google Anayltics Access. (login or access)
  8. Core Language. Please send your current or most recent Mission, Vision, Values, and Pathway.
  9. Competitors. Please provide a list of at least 6 "competitors" in your market. 
  10. Pre-Meeting Questionnaire. Please have the ministry leader fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  
  11. Engagement Data. (Donors and Clients)
    An excel spreadsheet of each category in the form of:
    1. Column A: Name
    2. Column B: Street Address
    3. Column C: City
    4. Column D: Zip Code
    5. Column E: Email Address
    6. Column F: Date of initial engagement
      *We will not attempt to contact anyone on this list—it is purely for research purposes

Meeting topics

We ask that your team come to the Strategy Sessions prepared to share on the following topics:

  1. Your history
  2. Potential areas of pursuit
  3. Your goals for the future (short-term and long-term)
  4. Target groups you are passionate about serving
  5. The vision of how that mission will be lived out
  6. The key concepts or principles that drive you

What the Artistry Labs team will be doing to prepare

During this preparation time, our team will be gathering information about your ministry and gaining insight on the market landscape. We will then work to analyze that data in preparation for our first meeting. Once we arrive, we will then use the data and the time spent in understanding your market to formulate psychographic analyses and identify various individual mindsets that exist.

Using the mindsets, backgrounds, and felt needs that we discover, we will evaluate your ministry from those many perspectives. Simultaneously, we will conduct research on your "competitors", providing insight into your competitive landscape. We will also formulate our findings in market perception— helping us to understand the current external perspective of your ministry and how to prepare to reveal the next version of the ministry to the world around you.


Giant Mirror

It will be our goal to evaluate your ministry from a new prospect's point of view. We will engage you as someone new, from the outside, as we walk through your standard donor/client journey. Our team’s ability to experience a typical onboarding experience will yield the best results. We will enjoy getting acquainted with your team as the consulting meetings begin.


Pre-meeting questionnaire

To be completed by the ministry leader

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