Our Services

Our Services help you engage with your audience in a more effective way—helping you create a bridge between who you are and who you are called to reach. We do this through a strategic process of consulting + branding + signage + web. Our process empowers you to be the best version of who God has called you to be. 

More about our services: 

Assessment, Strategy, Implementation, and Partnership
  • Engagement Analysis (Community, Market, and Ministry)
  • Calling Clarification (Mission, Vision, Values)
  • Assimilation Path Optimization
  • Change Management
Analysis, Strategy, Design, and Excecution
  • Naming, Messaging, and Content Strategies
  • Logo, Identity, and Print
  • Environmental Design and Signage
  • Web & Digital
Evaluation, Strategy, Management, and Installation
  • Eliminate Confusion
  • Clear & Consistent Naming
  • Designed to Build Trust
  • Custom Design
Strategy, Support, Development, and Implementation
  • Unique Strategy
  • Attractive Design
  • Content & Media Management
  • Proactive Support


The objectivity of having a trusted outsider evaluate us helped get our leaders to see the full picture from a guest perspective.



Pastor Bryan Carter
Lead Pastor
Dallas, Texas