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Branding + Consulting + Technology 


We provide assessment, strategy, implementation, and partnership support to churches and ministries with a heart to improve their engagement through effective marketing. We do this through a strategic process of branding + consulting + technology. We help you understand why you are getting your current results and create a flywheel of change that produces momentum—empowering you to be the best version of who God has called you to be as an organization. It is not uncommon for a church to come to us plateaued, and grow by 30% within the next year as a result of our process.  

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Assessment, Strategy, Implementation, and Partnership
  • Naming, Messaging, and Content Strategies
  • Logo, Identity, and Print
  • Environmental Design and Signage
  • Digital: Websites, Social, Video, and App
Assessment, Strategy, Implementation, and Partnership
  • Engagement Analysis (Community, Market, and Ministry)
  • Calling Clarification (Mission, Vision, and Values)
  • Assimilation Path Optimization
  • Masterplanning and Change Management
Assessment, Strategy, Implementation, and Partnership
  • Content Management
  • Media Management
  • Engagement Automation
  • Ministry Metrics

We work with a limited number of churches and ministries each year who are committed to reaching their next level. This focus allows us to provide a very deep level of service built around optimizing engagement. We help ministries align themselves around insight that illuminates, strategy that unites, design that attracts, and execution that transforms.

Every aspect of what we do is built to bring alignment to your efforts, optimize your engagement, and bring you one step closer to fulfilling your vision.

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The honesty, integrity, and creativity they bring to the table has challenged us to dream big and work hard to steward our message well. When Artistry Labs commits to a project, everyone goes beyond the call to execute.

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