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Consulting: how we optimize your engagement.

Healthy churches engage people—they connect with people right where they are—they relate, resonate, and inspire next steps. Engagement done well keeps people coming back, going deeper and bringing others with them. Our consulting services are designed to help you...

  • Clarify your calling
    Increase clarity and confidence in your mission, vision and values in a way that attracts others.
  • Keep your visitors
    Master visitor retention by understanding the hidden factors that affect decision-making.
  • Resonate with brand
    Build a bridge through branding that attracts people and delivers on its promise.
  • Take people deeper
    Build onramps to next levels of commitment and growth.  
  • Be engaging
    Reach more people. Fulfill the vision through healthy growth.  


What unites your core        

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Path


How you win over the crowd  

  • Conversion
  • Visitor Retention
  • Assimilation
  • Advocacy


How you convey your essence   

  • Culture
  • Identity/Web/Print/Social
  • Environments
  • Design/Communications


How you attract outsiders

  • Advertising
  • Online Marketing/Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations


Healthy church growth starts with a strong foundation 
and radiates out from your core. 

How are you doing in each area of your engagement?


The "why" you do what you do that unites your core   
-     Mission, Vision, Values, Path (Core processes)

How you pass the people test
-     Conversion, Visitor Retention, Assimilation, Advocacy

How you convey your essence 
-     Logo, Identity, Web/Digital, Environmental Design

How you attract outsiders
-     Online Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Public Relations

The Anatomy of Engagement

Our consulting process will help you

  • Clarify your organizational calling
  • Unify your leadership around fresh vision
  • Increase your visitor retention
  • Get people to take next steps 
  • Grow your volunteer base
  • Get church members to invite their friends
  • Increase investment levels from your donors
  • Make your brand resonate with those you are called to reach
  • Rally the troops towards change
  • Provide a master-planned roadmap to your church's health and growth 


How you attract outsiders

  • Advertising
  • Online Marketing/Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations

What our consulting relationships typically include:

Assessment, Strategy, Implementation, and Partnership:

Calling clarification
Bringing clarity to organizational mission, vision, values and path (processes) in a way that increases engagement.

Cultural dynamics
Understanding the hidden language of culture that drives people to decisions for reasons that they cannot voice.

Community positioning
Understanding the unique gifting and voice of the church in the context of a community of options.

Guest experience optimization
A guest's thoughts, perceptions, and interactions on his/her early visit(s)—that likewise affect the long-term church-goers when they considered inviting others.

Worship optimization
The effectiveness of style, song choice, staging, lights, leadership, and sound in gaining participation.

Ministry optimization
The ability to connect effectively with people and inspire them to take their next step.

Service schedule, timing, and transitions
The calibration of the service to lead people to desired results.



Clothing standards
Communicating the right things through style at every level.

Pathways and processes
Providing people with forethought and direction that increases their confidence in taking steps.

Environments and signage
Demonstrating and ascribing value through a well-thought-through experience.

Brand strategy and execution
Owning a dialed-in sense of self that relates and attracts people to an organization that delivers on its brand promise.

Social and promotional optimization
Compelling the outside world to come in—directly and indirectly.

Technology optimization
Providing for ease in the management and monitoring of people dynamics—aiding in stewarding all aspects of the engagement and engagement improvement process.

Ministry alignment
Aligning teams and execution with ministry calling (mission, vision, values and path).

We provide assessment, strategy, implementation, and partnership support to churches and ministries with a heart to improve their engagement. We help you understand why you are getting your current results and create a flywheel of change that produces momentum—empowering you to be the best version of who God has called you to be as an organization. It is not uncommon for a church to come to us plateaued, and grow by 30% within the next year as a result of our process

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We work with a limited number of churches and ministries each year who are committed to going to their next level. This focus allows us to provide a very deep level of service built to help you engage those you are called to reach.

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